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About Wealthchain, Inc.

We're Wealthchain, Inc. 

VISION: We believe that smart-contracts are the future of finance. Financial instruments built as smart-contracts with formal-verification capabilities are the most secure and mathematically precise financial instruments ever created.  This future will alieviate problems that have been plaguing or global financial infrastructure for decades, while being even more profitable and prosperous for forward-thinking participants.

Secondly, we believe that the Tezos blockchain ecosystem as it has been built from the ground-up, lends itself to the necessities of financial instrument smart-contracts far beyond the capabilities of any other blockchain. Tezos is simply one of the greatest inventions in the history of human civilization.

MISSION: We seek to advance the movement of the finanical industry towards its ultimate future — blockchain-based securities, built and traded as token-based smart-contracts on Tezos. 

STRATEGY: We innovate financial instruments to enable issuance of security tokens on the Tezos Blockchain (fungible and non-fungible alike), as well financial technologies to enable the flow of traditional financial assets toward Tezos-based securtiziation. 

We invite you to join us on this journey.

— Wealthchain, Inc.
Based in California, USA
a Delaware C-Corp

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StableTez is issuing on-chain stable-pegged assets of many kinds, including USD Tez (USDtz) and BTC Tez (BTCtz). The Stable Trust Co. is acquiring licenses in various jurisdictions to expand Wealthchain's service offerings.


TEZEX (Tezos Exchange) is a liquidation utility of StableTez, providing redemption for Tezos stable-coin purchasers. TEZEX will feature XTZ, USDtz, other FIAT pegs, cryptocurrency wraps, and eventually commodity-pegged coins.


"TezFin" is a Tezos On-Chain lending platform. On TezFin, you can borrow XTZ, USDtz, BTCtz, or other Tezos tokens at a floating APY. Alternatively, you can supply the tokens you're holding, and earn interest!


Wealthchain, Inc is built with love in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

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